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40’s The New 30’s

November03/ 2017

I’m certain that most of us have heard someone say, “Gosh, he/she is or is not growing old gracefully.

I believe the lifestyle of a person greatly contributes towards the acceleration or procrastination in their aging process. It is also a familiar expression, “he/she has all body and no brains” (commonly know as a “trophy piece).

We bring to you men who possess both body AND brains. Their lifestyles have aided them in maintaining the “fountain of youth” and the lessons they have learned via their experiences have garnered wisdom which has helped them become successful in their pursuits..socially and commercially.

We have included a brief insight of each man so you can get to see them inside and out.

Visit the link below to vote for the man you feel deserves to be our PrymeTime Man Of The Month.


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