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The Man That I Am

November03/ 2017

It has been a minute since I have been on here to share a little something with you all. Just recently during one of my “time outs”, I was consumed with the condition of my present mental state. I was resolved to the fact that it is still in “stable condition”. I couldn’t help but thank God for keeping me in my right mind… taking into consideration so many of the challenges that I have had to face in my years of existence. I recall asking the question to various individuals, “If you could go back to any age in your life, at what age would you return to start your life’s journey over?” I’ve always said that I would go back to the age of 5. I had to backtrack over the years to reach a place in my life that seemed relatively stable, secure, carefree… happy. Admittedly, while going through the collected files of my past, I found myself getting tense with anger, mildly depressed, giddy from the thoughts of sporadic comical flashbacks, and occasionally drenched from the uninvited tears that flooded my face when my mind delved into the most darkest chambers of my past. The more memories I recalled and the effects those experiences has had on my life, the less I entertained the desire of rewinding my life back to my early childhood years. If I were allowed to change even one element of my past, the outcome of who I am today could very well be dramatically different…for the better or for the worse. Believing fully that each one of us on this planet is here for a greater purpose than just taking up space, I’ve decided to embrace my past and ALL that is consist of and use it to birth opportunities instead of oppositions.

That being said…I’d now like to share the organized, collected thoughts that emerged from that particular “time out”.

Questions & comments are always welcome.

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